Launched a new photo gallery section replacing the old clunky html one that took me forever to update. Hopefully in the future you will see more frequent updates.



Yesenia this update is for you. I added a few new shots to the gallery.



Pete Koff will be premiering his new video "Way of the West" at the Milk Bar in SF on Monday April 18th @ 10pm. It features Dave Nelson, Jonny Manak, Tony Farmer and Pete the Ox to name a few. I shot some of the footage for the video some come out and show your support!!!



A few weeks ago I broke my ankle skating my mini ramp. I had surgery and got a plate and some screws installed. Everything seems to be looking pretty good, no ligimate damage and the bones are aligned pretty good. Now that I am somewhat couch bound for the next several weeks its a good time for me to catch up on some stuff on the site.



OK.......so it has been forever since I updated. Summer has been going well. A few roadt trips and a weekend of debachery in Las Vegas have gone down so far. Until I can officially update the photo pages properly here is ONE to check out.



The NEVER FORGET skate jam is going to be Sunday June 6th at Sunnyvale Skatepark. Located on Fair Oaks Ave in Sunnyvale. Come out bbq and session with friends!

When We Skate
They Skate 



I will be displaying some of my work on Sat April 10th in the Moral Fibers show at ArtSF . The space is located @ 110 Capp Street, 5th Floor in SF and runs from 8 p.m. - midnight



Did a complete overhaul on the site.... hopefully it is now eaiser to navigate. Let me know if you see any problems.



BK has a new project going called skatedaily.net be sure to check it out!



New video posted from Wheelbyte HQ. Off to Strawberry next weekend for the annual Bowl Bash and the following weekend is the TBM contest in Milpitas. Look for photo updates soon.



Added a few new shots in the Misc section taken while on a roadtrip to South Dakota.



New video posted and a couple shots from RWC.



Took a roadtrip down to Southern California with Nelson and RS2 to check out the Pink Motel party..... met up with Shawn from poolrider.com as well. Posted a video of what to do when your NOT at the Pink Motel pool party!



Finally an update......new video posted of some barrier antics!



Went out to the Greenfield park this past week, Nelson was killing it also shot some Moto-X out in Hollister.



Randy is a mad professor..... he built a sick bowl with poured cement coping that is painted hot pink and plastered Barbie stickers.... check it out in the video section!



Kal and Motch have better things to do than play golf! The jihad was blessed with their first pool of the new year....... a little wet and gnar but a pool none the less! Check it out in the video section!



I have been lagging on updates lately, I have some new video footage that will be going up soon! I posted a few new pics and one old one I took back in either 86 or 87 at the "Pit" in Morgan Hill.



New video posted..... An aomeba, right handed kidney, square and a roman all hit in the matter of a few hours. God bless America!



Went to the 2nd Annual Strawberry Bowl Bash this last weekend. Clay Wheels, Satanic Rednecks and SLA rocked the bowl while some insane ripping was going down . Jimmy "The Greek" took 1st, Ricky Stiles 2nd and Mark Partain 3rd. Check out the video HERE.



5 days, 10 parks, 2300 miles........ just got back from a road trip to the Northwest with Motch, RS2 and Pep. Went up to Orcas Island for the Scott Stamnes Memorial Skate Jam and along the way hit up a some of most incredible skateparks in the world.



Added some shots I took from the kick ass Drunk Injuns, Free Beer, Los Olvidados show that took place on July 5th at Plant 51 in San Jose.



Shot this weekend at Strawberry with Tony Alva on Sat and the Tick Pit on Sun. Check out the new video and a few stills. Also added some new links.



Added overview shots of TickPit and the Casa pools. Casa was way killer.... no light, no drain, nice trannys with a workable shallow corner.



A couple new videos as well as several shots added from Vagabond.



Added a few shots I took back 15 years ago at Uvas Dam and at the Motel Hell pool.



Finally went live on The Faction's website which I have been working on. You can check it out at: www.thefaction.net

Skateboarding and photography have always been a big part of my life.  I wanted to create a place where people could check out some of my work so I finally got off my ass and created wheelbyte.com in Oct of 2000. 

As always...... if you see something you like or hate let me know because that's what it's all about.